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01 Oct 2018



At Modern Printers we have extensive experience printing brochures and magazines for our clients. We can guide you through the process from initial layout to design and finishing. Customers can choose from a variety of layout and finishing options at competitive prices. Why not call into our office to view samples of what we can offer.
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2. Booklets

2. Loreto

30 Sep 2018


Leaflet / Flyers

Modern Printers has been producing leaflets and brochures now for over 50 years and in that time we have seen many changes to the quality of design and print. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of design, print and finishing of many different styles of leaflet.

Back in 2014, when it came to our notice that our clients needed their brochures supplied on heavier cards, we immediately went to our machine suppliers to find a machine that would SCORE AND FOLD brochures on cards of up to 400gsm in weight. We found and purchased the “PitStop” Scoring and Folding Line to accommodate this need.

This is just a measure of the commitment that Modern Printers makes to ensure that we remain one of the top printer suppliers in Ireland.

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29 Sep 2018


Pull ups

Known by many names, the pull up banner is a very cost effective and easy to use marketing tool. Pull up banners provide eye catching graphics wherever they are located. Direct, eye-catching and portable; our pull up banners are a simple and effective form of advertising.

Standard pull up banners roll up into the base of the stand so can be stored neatly. Standard pull ups are available in 860mm width * 2100mm height. Oversized pull up stands also available on request dependent on your needs. All pull ups printed at Modern Printers use high quality block out material with stay flay/anti curl material.

When setting up, simply pull the banner material from the stand and use the pole provided to hold it in place by inserting the pole into the base and top rail. To take down, remove the pole and let the automated retracting mechanism pull the banner material back into the stand. Once down insert into the mobile carrying case provided.

Avail of our graphic design service for the best overall look and design whilst incorporating all your required information.
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28 Sep 2018



Get high quality posters in all standard sizes from A4 up to A0. Bespoke sizes are also available in any length with a maximum width up to 1570mm. Posters are printed on a 200gsm satin paper and can be laminated as required.
Posters are an extremely versatile and cost-effective way to deliver your message. Easy to display on all surfaces such as windows, walls, doors and even ceilings.

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27 Sep 2018


1. Waffle Bar

Corriboard is the perfect option for those searching for durable yet affordable signage. You will recognise it as the material often used in election posters; preferred by many because of its suitability for both indoor and outdoor use. Available up to 8ft x 4ft, larger sizes available upon request.

Corriboard’s light weight makes it an excellent solution for brands that require an economical product that is easy to transport, install and remove. Corriboard posters are built to last. At Modern Printers we print onto high grade vinyl which is placed straight onto 5mm Corriboard.

Foamex, often known as Foamboard, is often used for high-quality display purposes at exhibitions or for presentations. Unlike Corriboard, Foamex provides a smooth surface to allow the best display for high quality imagery. Available up to 8ft x 4ft, larger sizes available upon request.

Foamex is available in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thickness. Dependent on requirements we can guide you as to which density is the best for your needs. Foamex is a robust product that is also lightweight and easy to transport and install – a perfect product for those who value quality while maintaining a high-quality display.

Aluminium signage offers a robust and long-lasting signage solution. Regularly used for building sites, car parks, business premises signage to name a few, this material is characterised by its strength and durability.

If you require a professional looking product that will last, then aluminium is the best option as it can also be re-covered in the future with new graphics allowing for future savings. Available up to 8ft x 4ft, larger sizes available upon request.

Acrylic is the perfect material for a professional and modern look and can be used to great effect in offices, showrooms, receptions, hotels and in homes. Acrylic offers a wonderful alternative to metal and wooden signage. Acrylic can be laser cut to any shape and mounted using standoffs as one piece or individually to create raised lettering or graphics. Acrylic is available in a wide range of colour and thicknesses to meet your needs.

Bespoke Signs
Signage like many wonderful things is limited only by your own creatively and imagination. Numerous combinations of materials can be mixed to create a desired effect. This include metals, woods, plastics etc.

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2. Acrylic Signage

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